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    Our experience and our research and development department allow us to offer baby food products of the highest quality and the perfect packaging for this product, the pouch.



IFS (International Food Standard)

Nº 100355-2011-AIFS-IBE-ACCREDIA
Maximum security in the manufacturing process and / or food handling. Requirement for export in: Germany, France and Italy.


           Nº 1027225

BRC (British Retail Consortium)

Nº 1027225
Ensures product safety in the manufacturing process and / or manipulation. Maximum quality assurance. Requirement for export in Britain.



CT 002349 E
Requirement for production of Baby and Organic Food.


ISO 9001

Nº ESO7/3754
Requirement for production of Baby and Organic Food.


ISO 14001

Nº ESO7/3755
Sustainable development according to the requirements of ISO 14001 environmental management integrated into management of the company.



Identification, evaluation and control of hazards associated with the production through the effective implementation of a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).




 Control food quality system based on specific jewish laws named kosher. It guarantees that the production batches follow those required laws and specifications of quality.




Go Fruselva , SL. is registered and approved with the FDA as a food company to export to USA , which proves that our products meet stringent quality standards and hygiene set by American law and are accepted for consumption among its population.




Compliance SMETA -4 - Pillars Standard with respect to ethical practices , environment and prevention of occupational hazards.




5S practice a Japanese management technique based on five principos : Organization , Order, Cleaning, Standardize and Discipline.






 AIB International

Is committed to protecting the safety of the food supply chain worldwide and providing high value technical programs







Halal Certificate of conformity for products according the Muslim standards.